Our cities are clogged up with traffic jams while rural areas lack public transport connections. Bus fares are expensive and buses are not frequent enough.

People Before Profit want to:

  • Move to a policy of free public transport to get people out of cars, improve air quality and reduce emissions.
  • Increase the bus fleet in both Dublin and Bus √Čireann and expand the rail network. Stop any attempts to privatise this essential service.
  • Create proper cycle ways in cities by dividing wide footpaths where there is less footfall.
  • Develop greenways and national cycle routes to encourage more activity.
    Begin immediate monitoring of air quality in cities. Almost 1,500 people die each year because of poor air quality. We will retrofit diesel buses, fully implement Euro 6 standards and establish fully independent testing of vehicles for air quality.
  • Create a public, not-for-profit car insurance company. Car insurance costs are too high. We will create a public company modelled on the Manitoba system in Canada to provide cheap car insurance. We will include special rates for taxi drivers.
  • Make sure there are enough sites to charge electric cars.