Climate change is the biggest issue facing the human race. Simply put, if we do not drastically reduce our carbon emissions, we are facing extinction. More than 99 percent of climate scientists now recognise climate change as a man-made problem. People Before Profit advocate a radical series of measures to reduce our Co2 emissions:

  • Act now to achieve an agreed Paris target level of CO2 mitigation to limit warming below two degrees centigrade in unison with other European countries. The
  • Climate Change Low Carbon Development 11 Bill 2015 showed Ireland is way off track and will have major challenges post-2020 in decarbonising its economy.
  • Decarbonise our economy. Ireland is heavily dependent on importing fossil fuel. We must move away from this by creating a strategy that is openly and democratically debated. For our part, People Before Profit commit to a carbon-neutral economy by 2030.
  • Provide proper investment in affordable and frequent public transport. Move to free public transport to get people out of cars.
  • Retrofit buildings. Set up a national construction agency to retrofit homes to the highest energy efficiency standards. Provide accredited training to retrofitting workers.
  • Provide substantial investment in renewable energies.
  • Divest from fossil fuels: keep it in the ground.
  • Continue to make Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) illegal.
  • Keep our forestry in public ownership and increase the afforestation of the country.
  • Develop and expand programmes to cultivate native hard-woods.

For a more comprehensive look at our environmental policies, see our fully-costed Ecosocialist Manifesto at