We need to rebuild communities and reduce dependency on a money economy.

  • Increase support to local community centres. Community centres should have state-of-the-art equipment to enable people to do fitness classes or hold discussions.
  • Provide free Wi-Fi in city centres. With limited investment, we can help turn Ireland into a hot spot of the digital age.
  • Revitalise our libraries. With the right technology and staffing levels, these could be a store house for all sorts of media.
  • Bring back council control of waste collection. Bin charges and the privatisation of waste collection have been a disaster.
  • Develop proper recycling facilities at the local level. In many EU countries, there are free recycling facilities in many estates.
  • Focus planning on revitalising communities. We will give local people greater democratic input into planning. We will not allow green spaces to be sold off for huge profits.
  • Cut the rates for small businesses and increase them for the big chains: Business rates should be related to turnover. Smaller shops in city centres would pay less while the big supermarkets pay more.
  • Stop the closure of local post offices and other state facilities.