Artistic practice should be available to the whole of society regardless of income, location or social background. We call for the following measures:

  • Create a National Cultural Fund to increase state funding of the arts to the European average of 0.6 percent of GDP.
  • Fund access to arts participation in disadvantaged areas for adults and children and those with disabilities.
  • Open schools and colleges for after-school artistic activities for children and teenagers.
  • Open public spaces for use by local arts organisations.
  • Support live music. Live music venues are a vital part of our cultural life. We will cut rates on pubs that have regular live music.
  • Support performances and exhibitions in public spaces.
  • Create arts participation programmes in prisons, schools, care homes and hospitals.
  • Remove the requirement of ‘availability for work’ for artists on Jobseeker’s Allowance.
  • Create a ‘new deal’ programme for artists in the public sector. This would create well-paid jobs and increase access to the arts throughout society.


  • Support public broadcasting as a vital part of a creative and critical society.
  • Cut the salaries of top RTÉ performers and use a tax on digital media companies, such as Facebook, to fund public broadcasting.
  • End Independent News Media’s existing monopoly over many media outlets.