The political establishment use PR spin to project an image of care and respect. But they put thousands of people into Direct Provision, voted against extra protection for migrants in the Mediterranean and failed to make sure every woman has local access to abortion services. People Before Profit want a society built on equality and respect.

Women’s Rights

Increased public attention on domestic violence and sexual assault has highlighted how the state continues to fail women. In the courts, the burden of proof is too often on survivors and justice is rarely served. Most reported sexual assaults end in no conviction and a majority of sexual assaults go unreported.

Refuges and shelters for victims of abuse and violence are underfunded and entire regions of the country have no shelter whatsoever. The lack of secure shelters for women and children, combined with the housing crisis mean women are often trapped in dangerous, abusive situations. People Before Profit will continue to fight for real justice alongside survivors of assault and abuse.

Deciding whether or not and when to have children are very personal matters. We believe that these decisions should be made by women themselves, in consultation with their doctor and with the support of their partner and family if that is appropriate. People Before Profit support a woman’s right to make her own decisions regarding reproduction, including the right to free, safe and legal abortion.

We are committed to:

  • Free contraception through the health service. Contraceptive methods such as the bar can cost over €300, leaving those who cannot afford to pay without protection from pregnancy.
  • Free sanitary products through the health service.
  • Separation of sex education in schools from religion and moralism. Education should include a cultural critique of everyday sexism.
  • Gender audits at work to highlight structural discrimination. Forcing employers to publish plans on how significant imbalances will be addressed.
  • Accessible state-funded childcare in communities and workplaces.
  • Increasing the Maternity Period to 12 months, providing full maternity pay and one month’s paternity pay.
  • Adequate provision of services for lone parents and their families, for people with disabilities and for children with special needs.
  • Full financial support for women’s refuge and rape-crisis centres dealing with domestic violence.

Social protection

  • Reverse the cuts to social welfare payments.
  • Extend child benefit to 18-year-olds in second-level education.
  • Increase the winter fuel allowance by two weeks.
  • Increase the age of the youngest child receiving One Parent Family Payment to 14.
  • Abolish discriminatory rates of Job Seekers Allowance to those under 26 years old.
  • Increase the back to school and footwear allowances by €50.
  • Increase basic rates of welfare by €10 per week.


People Before Profit are opposed to racism in all its forms, including Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and anti-Traveller racism. We regard the ordinary people of every nation, ethnic group and creed as our sisters and brothers.

We will seek to overcome all instances and causes of racism.

  • End Direct Provision and give asylum seekers the right to work.
  • Welcome refugees and asylum seekers. Stop deportations.
  • Establish an Independent National Housing Agency to oversee the delivery of safe and culturally appropriate Traveller Accommodation.
  • Give proper recognition to the qualifications of non-EU migrants. This will help to integrate communities.
  • Establish a right to family reunification for immigrants who have spent time in Ireland.
  • Implement full legal protection for au pairs as employees.
  • Establish cross-cultural community forums, particularly in areas with high levels of immigration.
  • Hold a referendum to repeal the 27th Amendment. Give all children born here the right to citizenship.

LGBTQ rights

There have been huge advances in LGBTQ rights in Ireland. But there is still a culture of prejudice that must be undone. People Before Profit advocate:

  • Full equality for gay or bisexual men donating blood. This means ending the 12-month celibacy rule that currently exists.
  • Hate crime legislation to deal with homophobic and transphobic attacks and proper recording of data on such attacks.
  • Extension of the Gender Recognition Act to those aged from 16 to 18; a third gender option for non-binary people on all official forms.
  • Legislation to make anti-retroviral drugs, such as pre-exposure prophylaxis, free.
  • Legislation to allow all LGBTQ people fleeing persecution to live in Ireland.
  • Free gender care through an Irish NHS, including services like psychotherapy, counselling, speech and language therapy, hormone therapy, hair removal and gender reassignment surgery.
  • Restoration and improvement of funding for mental health and addiction treatment services.
  • Proper funding for LGBTQ organisations and resource centres.
  • Compulsory, age-appropriate sex education which deals with issues around gender, sexuality, safe sex, consent and contraception.
  • Schools must have an anti-bullying module dealing with LGBTQ young people.

Disability rights

Disability is a societal issue and not solely an individual impairment. An inclusive and accessible society for all should be paramount. People Before Profit will:

  • Reverse all cuts that people with disabilities have suffered under consecutive governments.
  • Provide a universal health service free at the point of delivery, funded by progressive taxation and democratically planned by health workers and service users, which emphasises prevention and social support.
  • Protect wages and conditions for social-care workers and full support for home carers, including proper provision for respite.
  • Provide people with disabilities with the right to choose the services which best meet their needs. Ensure the right of people with disabilities to live as autonomous adults.
  • Implement regulations that ensure all homes and public buildings are accessible and built in accordance with the needs of people throughout their lifespan.
  • Ensure publicly-owned and funded disability services; oppose privatisation.
  • Provide accessible education for all. Ensure all children can access education through mainstream channels by investing in staff and facilities to make schools and communities truly inclusive.
  • Make public transport accessible for all. Equip all stations, stops and vehicles to be genuinely accessible. Train and employ staff to assist access.

Irish language

The current government has shown little interest or enthusiasm in promoting the Irish Language. People Before Profit will:

  • Support measures to revive the economic base of Gaeltacht areas.
  • Insist that all public officials dealing with the Gaeltacht have full proficiency in the language.
  • Increase the use of the Irish language on the national broadcaster. Expand and develop TG4.
  • Provide free Irish language classes in areas where there is local demand.