Election Manifesto 2020





Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Gino Kenny TD

Gino Kenny TD

Bríd Smith TD

Bríd Smith TD

People Before Profit was created to fight for a fairer, more equal society. We value the welfare of communities above wealth creation for the few.
People Before Profit see the mobilisation of people in workplaces and communities as the key to bringing about change. We believe change can be won by fighting for our interests collectively.
Join us to help build a society that works for all.

Election 2020 – Break the cycle of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil

General Election 2020 presents voters with a genuine choice for the coming decade. On the 8th of February, you can vote for the same establishment parties that have run this country for nearly a century.
Or, you can vote for a progressive alternative that lives up to the promise to treat all of the people equally and has a proven track record in the Dáil and on the streets. That alternative is People Before Profit.
Over the last ten years, our members have been at the forefront of all the grassroots movements bringing progressive change to our communities.
We helped to spearhead the campaign to make water a human right, helped to organise the campaign for equal marriage and fought hard to make sure women and pregnant people have full control of their own bodies – north and south of the border.

We have also been a voice for working people, standing with the nurses during their strike last year and with countless smaller groups of workers fighting for decent pay and conditions.

In addition, our three TDs have introduced progressive legislation to insert a right to housing into the constitution, to provide medicinal cannabis to those who desperately need it and to stop drilling for oil and gas at a time when the global climate emergency is running out of control.

People Before Profit have also made it our business to be a thorn in the establishment’s side.

Our TDs have relentlessly pursued justice for women affected by Cervical Check, for workers denied decent pay and conditions and for people squeezed out of the housing market or left on hospital waiting lists for months or years.

This is why the establishment despise us. Leo Varadkar and Michael Martin want to narrow the election to a two-horse race between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. They want to make it seem like your only choice is a right-wing party, when the truth is that growing numbers want neither of these establishment options. And with good reason.

Fianna Fáil would like you to forget the damage they caused in 2008 and the damage they continue to cause by propping up their right-wing partners.

Fine Gael want you to focus on the fastest growing economy in Europe, when the fact that Ireland has never been richer makes it all the more scandalous that hundreds of thousands can’t get a hospital bed and that half the population can’t get the house they need at a cost they can afford.

In the fifth richest country in the world, Ireland still has:

  • The second highest costs for childcare in the EU;
  • The largest primary school classes in Europe;
  • The highest level of university fees in Europe;
  • The second most congested city for traffic in Europe (Dublin);
  • Hospital waiting lists among the worst in Europe;
  • The lowest number of statutory holidays in Europe;
  • The worst record on climate change in Europe.

People Before Profit insists that we can, and must, do better.

Our Election Manifesto 2020 is inspired by hope for a fairer economy and a better society. The proposals we have laid out have been fully costed and rely on wealth and income distribution that targets the top 7% of the population.

If elected, our TD’s pledge to do the following.

  • Make housing a human right: Propose a bill for proper rent controls and security of tenure; fight to stop the sell-off of public land; propose a national construction company to build affordable houses; hold a referendum to enshrine a right to housing in the constitution.
  • End the two-tier health system: Fight for a national health service, free at the point of use, publicly owned and democratically run; hire more frontline staff; increase pay to cut hospital waiting lists.
  • Take radical action for the climate – for people and planet: Fight for free public transport and more buses; provide proper grants to fund deep-retrofitting of houses.; stop the importation of fracked gas; create a just transition for workers and farmers; put a carbon tax on the big polluters, not on ordinary people.
  • Provide a fair deal for the elderly: Restore the pension age to 65; increase the state pension to €260 a week; restore the transitional pension scheme.
  • Create a living wage and job security: Fight to scrap Croke Park hours for public servants; insist on increasing the minimum wage to a living wage of €15 an hour; abolish USC tax for those under €90,000 and introduce a high-income charge for those over it.
  • Guarantee 33 hours of free childcare per week: Cap fees at 3% of income and then move to a free service through a National Childcare Service.
  • Education for lifelong learning: Fight to scrap third level fees; raise the SUSI grants and eligibility thresholds; insist on smaller class sizes in schools.
  • Guarantee real equality for people with disabilities and special needs: Ensure public transport is accessible to all; hire more Special Needs Assistants; guarantee early assessment and intervention for autism and disabilities.
  • Abolish unjust taxes and end rip off insurance: Fight to scrap the property tax on family homes; propose a publicly owned insurance company to cut costs.

People Before Profit want a 32-county socialist republic, which puts needs of people and the planet before the profits of the few. This manifesto is designed to move the country in this direction. We hope you will vote for change and support People Before Profit in your local area.